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SBMC | Startup

Set up on 29th August 2023, Shayaan Bawany Marketing & Communications (SBMC) is a digital marketing effort HQ'd in Karachi. Our past clients and current roster include Edvice UK, Jenica Curtains, M.Y Shipping and Logistics, and Big Tree Farmhouses Gharo. We are also a Startup Syndicate partner.

We are expanding into event planning, but our primary focus remains social media and content creation.

Aid For All | NGO

Initiated on 16th December 2017, Aid For All (AFA) is a grassroots effort to uplift and empower disadvantaged individuals and communities across Pakistan. Our work is largely based in Karachi, but has spanned across sites in interior Sindh and dabbled in Punjab. We aim to expand over time - this is a lifelong effort; a vision for a better Pakistan, embodied by regular steps taken towards a greater mission. #SustainableDevelopment #FundingEducation #CreatingEmploymentOpportunities

Awards: Rotary International Women's Excellence Award 2020, SATHA Innovation Award 2018. We have also been mentioned on Jago Pakistan Jago under our past name: Charity Army (not affiliated with Pak Army), and partnered with Fun 2 Learn, Z Team, and others.

Aid For All is currently run by Areesh Lalani, and myself. #DreamTeam. We open for internships in December.

A Level Subject Counselling | KGS Students 2021

In 2021, I created an online student-based subject guidance platform for KGS students, thus filling a gap in the career counselling system. My sister was selecting her A Level subjects at the time. She was beyond confused about what career path to choose, and the lack of institutional guidance at the time didn't help.

Now, I had a problem to solve. My sister was falling behind because she had nowhere to go for help. So, I created an Instagram-based network on my personal meme page (I ran a (polite, funny) meme page for school right before graduating, and all of KGS college section followed me, lol).

Though my meme-making days were behind me, I still had the power of a niche following. So, I created a volunteer-based system where A level kids could one-on-one coach new applicants, helping them pick the right subjects. I had the same trouble when picking my subjects in 2017, and it was pretty ridiculous to see new students (in 2021) facing the same fate. I had to fix it. And so I did.

They say the best inventions were born out of love. I can testify to this. My sister and her batch found it significantly easier to pick their subjects after I created this network. Sadly, I couldn't carry it forward for the next batch - because I was busy working on other things...but would love to revisit it if the opportunity arises.

Student Counselling | AKU MBBS Students

Carrying forward from the A Level subject counselling network, I decided to host an intimate virtual Guidance + QnA session with AKU MBBS students. The session was hosted on Instagram live, which allowed attendees to ask questions and get answers in real time. The two-way communication helped create a comfortable atmosphere where aspiring medical students could interact with current MBBS students from a top university and receive personalized answers.

Additionally, I prepped a set of questions to ask the AKU volunteers beforehand. These comprised of FAQs from A Level students who expressed interest in attending the conference. Collecting questions directly from the attendees pre-show helped ensure their most pressing queries were addressed within the session.

Demon Slayer Screening & Festival | Event Planning

July 1st 2024: Karachi's close-knit anime community got together at Club 432, Zamzama to experience the Demon Slayer grand season finale together. Anyone who is familiar with the local anime fandom knows that they're always asking for more such events in the city.

As an anime fan myself, I realized the same feeling. So, I decided to host my own event and bring all the "weebs" together!

We managed to host a full-house event and turn a solid profit while delivering a great show to the Karachi anime community. Two birds, one stone. It's nice to be able to contribute to our city's pop culture scene. I am honored to be able to be a part of it and be guided by community king/queenpins (like Geek Haven).

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woman wearing black scoop-neck long-sleeved shirt
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woman in black blazer with brown hair
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